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SURE-Farm book is out!

What exactly is resilience and how can it be enhanced?

Farming systems in Europe are rapidly evolving while being at the same time under threat, as seen by the disappearance of dozens of farms every day. Farming systems must become more resilient in response to growing economic, environmental, institutional, and social challenges facing Europe’s agriculture.

The aim of this book is to show an in-depth resilience assessment of European farming systems in response to economic, environmental, institutional, and social challenges that will determine the future and sustainability of farming systems in Europe. Four novelties explain the added value of this book: i)  It provides a unique insight into the resilience challenges of Europe’s diverse farming systems, consisting of eleven case studies; ii) It considers numerous stakeholders and their role in making farming more resilient, offering a more integrated and wider view; iii) It addresses components both separately and collectively to create an integrated synthesis; and iv) It provides policy and business recommendations to make farming systems more resilient.

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Edited by Miranda M. P. MeuwissenWageningen Universiteit, The Netherlands, Peter H. FeindtHumboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Alberto GarridoUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid, Erik MathijsKU Leuven, Belgium, Bárbara SorianoUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid, Julie UrquhartUniversity of Gloucestershire, Alisa SpiegelWageningen Universiteit, The Netherlands