Expected impacts

SURE-Farm has three expected impacts:

Expected impact 1

Improve the delivery of the policy framework to agricultural activity thus fostering its sustainability. Particular attention will be paid to the delivery of the CAP.
The SURE-Farm project will help the EC, member states and stakeholders to advance the delivery of the policy framework, in particular the CAP and its national and regional transpositions, by conducting a novel and comprehensive assessment of its capability to enable sustainable and resilient farms and farming systems in the EU.
Based on the assessment, we will develop innovative, comprehensive and feasible recommendations for improved policy design and delivery.

Expected impact 2

Provide farmers with better risk management tools
The SURE-Farm project will provide farmers with better risk management tools by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the determinants of farmers’ risk perceptions and decisions and by developing a set of risk management tools and strategies to enhance farm resilience, which are better tailored to the specific needs of different types of farmers.

Expected impact 3

Improve the resilience of the agricultural sector in coping with the risks it faces.
SURE-Farm will contribute to improved resilience of the agricultural sector through reflection and cocreation with stakeholders, building on a range of advanced analyses, comprehensive data bases and innovative tools.
The tools, strategies and guidance from SURE-Farm will help to revitalize the EU agricultural sector, to increase its attractiveness and to maintain its capability to deliver private and public goods in the long run in the face of continuous change and uncertainty.
The results and tools can also be used for decision making by a broad range of stakeholders and policy makers.