Co-creation platform
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One of the aims of the SURE-Farm is to ensure that farmers, consumer’s organizations, financial institutions, value chain actors, policy makers and non-partner scientists can contribute with ideas, feedback and relevant information/data.

To achieve this goal, SURE- Farm seeks to co-create value with stakeholders through the whole project. Co-creation is an active, creative and social process based on collaboration between producers and users to generate value.

SURE-Farm follows different ways of co-creation:

1. Co-creation at local level by organizing co-creation workshops in the case study regions
2. Co-creation by organizing four big day events with confirmed stakeholders
3. Co-creation by working with a virtual community.

The SURE-Farm virtual co-creation community allows to bring together stakeholders who have common interests and engage in online conversations to share their concerns, experience and knowledge.

Members of the virtual co-creation community will represent various member states and reflect different institutional contexts, including policy makers, farmer’s organizations, upstream and downstream actors in the value chain, and financial institutions (banks and insurance companies). SURE-Farm will ensure a sufficient critical mass of stakeholders with a high degree of involvement in the project.

The virtual co-creation community will be involved in the various research stages and contributes to problem scoping, tacit knowledge production, validation and design.

The emphasis on co-creation and stakeholder participation through all stages of the project ensures that the SURE-Farm results meet stakeholder’s needs.

Involvement of the stakeholders in SURE-Farm

Meet our SURE-Makers!

Agri-Food Cooperatives SpainAgri-Food Cooperatives Spain represents the cooperatives across every Spanish autonomous community, defending their political, economic, and social interests across a wider, more global context. It promotes and stimulates cooperativism in Spain, which helps maintain countryside employment, population, and development. Agri-Food Cooperatives Spain additionally helps monitor the quality and safety of the agricultural products all along the chain, from the farm to the consumer.

AgroseguroAgroseguro is responsible for the management of agricultural insurance on the behalf of insurance companies and shareholder insurers. It provides financially viable technical cover which allows the agriculture sector to cope with damage caused by unpredictable risks. Based on the joint participation between public and private institutions, Agroseguro aims to help the Spanish government create rational and relevant policies for the agricultural sector.


Bakker BarendrechtFounded in 1930 and a member of the UNIVEG Group since 2005, Bakker Barendrecht is one of the largest fruit and vegetable companies in the Netherlands. As it´s a member of Greenyard and processes about 1,400 tons of fruit and vegetables a day, Bakker Barendrecht is a global market leader in fresh produce production.


Copa-Cogeca: Representing 23 million farmers and 22,000 agricultural cooperatives, Copa-Cogeca is the united voice of farmers and agri-cooperatives in the EU. It aims to promote and recognise sustainable, innovative, and competitive European agriculture by representing the interests of its various sectors. With 76 participating organisations states and members Copa-Cogeca continues to be one of the strongest farming representatives.


CrelanEven though Crelan was recently formed from the merger between Crédit Agricole et Centea, its history dates back to 1937, its roots in agriculture. Today, Crelan is especially known for providing financial assistance for farming operations, seasonal planting, and equipment purchase purposes, in addition to loans and credits.


Gvf Versicherungsmakler AGFocusing on the support and advice of large farms, Gvf VersicherungsMakler AG is a specialist insurance broker. With its close cooperation and tailored solutions, Gvf covers all agricultural risks and offers clients their extensive agriculture knowledge and experience. Agricultural companies need insurance solutions that adapt to the needs of agriculture – therefore, GvF ensures that their products are flexible and adaptable to various needs.



International Association of Agricultural Production Insurers (AIAG)The International Association of Agricultural Production Insurers (AIAG) was founded in 1951 in Paris; today, its members include more 100 companies from 26 countries. AIAG unites the world’s leading agricultural production insurers through its biennial congresses, where insurers exchange information, experiences, and statistics in order to gain more comprehensive understandings. In addition, annual seminars on risks and adjustment techniques have taken place in various host countries for attendees to learn and share from one another.


RabobankRabobank is a Dutch multinational bank headquartered in the Netherlands, especially prominent in food and agriculture financing as well as sustainability-oriented banking. As a self-described socially responsible bank, it is committed to contributing locally and globally to prosperity and sustainability, by stimulating financial services, supporting social initiatives, and dedicating itself to solving food issues worldwide.



Swiss Hail InsuranceHigh intensity hail can cause significant damage to a farm´s crops, contributing to overall income loss. But with Swiss Hail Insurance, farmers are able to insure their crops against hail and other forces of nature. Founded in 1880, Swiss Hail Insurance offers comprehensive insurance coverage in Switzerland and neighboring countries for agricultural crops, ensuring the durability of farms in case of extreme weather.