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New SURE-Farm publication on sustainability and resilience assessment

SURE-Farm partners have just published the paper “Participatory assessment of sustainability and resilience of three specialized farming systems” in Ecology and Society Journal.

They present the Framework of Participatory Impact Assessment for Sustainable and Resilient FARMing systems (FoPIA-SURE-Farm). FoPIA-SUREFarm investigates farming system functioning, dynamics of main indicators, and specifies resilience for different resilience capacities, i.e., robustness, adaptability, and transformability. Three case studies with specialized farming systems serve as an example for the used methodology: starch potato production in Veenkoloniën, The Netherlands; dairy production in Flanders, Belgium; and hazelnut production in Lazio, Italy.

The authors found that FoPIA-SURE-Farm results seem a good starting point for raising awareness, further assessments, and eventually for developing a shared vision and action plan for improving sustainability and resilience of farming systems.

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Wim Paas,  Isabeau Coopmans, Simone Severini, Martin K. van Ittersum, Miranda P. M. Meuwissen and Pytrik Reidsma

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