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New report on the impact of the Young Farmers payment on structural change

Find here the new SURE-Farm report on the impact of the Young Farmers Payment on structural change !

The European Union agricultural sector has experienced significant structural changes over the last decades, mostly consisting of a decline in the number of farms, farm size growth, and a conversion towards intensive systems.

Find in this report the impact of the Young Farmer Payment (YFP) on the structural change of two EU regions farming systems, namely the Altmark region in Germany and the Flanders region in Belgium. The paper adopts a mixed-methods approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods with stakeholders.

Overall, it is found that the YFP has almost no impact on structural change of the agricultural sector in the two regions. Stakeholders suggest that the financial resources for the YFP could be more usefully employed for alternative measures such as agricultural education and training or subsidies coupled to investments.

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Mauro Vigani and Julie Urquhart, Christine Pitson, Franziska Appel, Jo Bijttebier, Isabeau Coopmans, Erwin Wauters


Mauro Vigani: