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New report on future farming systems resilience

A new deliverable is now available. This report assesses the likely responses to future challenges under future scenarios with the aim at improving the sustainability and resilience of of the EU farming systems. The future resilience in 11 case studies across the EU is addressed by using a soft coupling of different qualitative and quantitative approaches. The report showed complementarity between different methods and, above all, between quantitative and qualitative approaches. Qualitative approaches are needed for interaction with stakeholders, understand perceptions of stakeholders, consider available knowledge on all aspects of the farming system, including social dimensions, and perform a good basis for developing and parameterizing quantitative models. Quantitative methods allow quantifying the consequences of mental models, operationalizing the impact of stresses and strategies to tackle them and help to unveil unintended consequences, but are limited in their reach. Both are needed to assess resilience of farming systems and suggest strategies for improvement and to help stakeholders to wider their views regarding potential challenges and ways to tackle them.

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