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New Policy Brief on Principles for a resilience-enabling environment

SURE-Farm has just issued a new policy brief on the principles that the farming systems and the enabling environments should implement to foster resilience in Euroepan agriulture.

The principles are:

  • to use resources to help the FS to deal with a shock only to buy time while working on structural solutions.
  • to devote enough resources to building anticipating and responsive capacities when shocks happen.
  • to detect long term trends and their potential impact on the FS.
  • to foster a diversity of potential options.
  • to develop a sufficient degree of ambidexterity
  • to do in-depth analysis of root causes of challenges and the FS’s vulnerability to them.

Implementing these principles into concrete actions and strategies requires social learning and concerted efforts by all actors involved.

Click here and read the policy brief!


Dr. Erwin Wauters,

Senior Researcher on the Economic, Social and Institutional Aspects of Farming and Food Systems. Flanders Research Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Research, – Social Sciences Unit