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New paper is out! COVID 19 impact assessment through the lens of resilience thinking

We are happy to announce that a new paper is out! Miranda Meuwissen with a large team of researchers from SURE-Farm have assessed the impact of Covid-19 on farming systems in Europe through the lens of resilience thinking.

The assessment reveals that there has been a limited impact of Covid-19 on the production and delivery of food and other agricultural products. This was due to either little exposure or the agile activation of robustness capacities of the farming systems in combination with an enabling institutional environment.

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Authors: M.P.M. Meuwissen, P.H. Feindt, T. Slijper, A. Spiegel, R. Finger, Y. de Mey, W. Paas, K.J.A.M. Termeer, P.M. Poortvliet M. Penev, J. Urquhart, M. Vigani, J.E. Black, P. Nicholas-Davies, , D. Maye, F. Appel, F. Heinrich, A. Balmann, , J. Bijttebier , I. Coopmans, E. Wauters, E. Mathijs, H. Hansson, C.J. Lagerkvist, J. Rommel, G. Manevska-Tasevska, F. Accatino, C. Pineau, B. Soriano, I. Bardaji, S. Severini, S. Senni, C. Zinnanti, C. Gavrilescu, I.S. Bruma, K.M. Dobay, , D. Matei, L. Tanasa, D.M. Voicilas, K. Zawalinska, P. Gradziuk, V. Krupin, A. Martikainen, H. Herrera, P. Reidsma

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Miranda Meuwissen,