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New Deliverable on Resilience Assessment of current farming systems

Have a look at the new deliverable on resilience assessment of current farming systems across the European Union.

Assessing sustainability and resilience of farming systems is a multi-faceted research challenge in terms of the scientific domains and scales of integration (farm, household, farming system level) that need to be covered. Hence, in SURE-Farm, multiple approaches are used to evaluate current sustainability and resilience and its underlying structures and drivers. Results of the different methods were compared and synthesized around the three aspects characterizing the SURE-Farm framework, i.e. (i) it studies resilience at the farming system level, (ii) considers three resilience capacities, and (iii) assesses resilience in the context of the (changing) functions of the system.

Click here to read the full report: D.5.3 Reilience Assessment of current farming systems across the European Union

Authors: Pytrik Reidsma, Alisa Spiegel, Wim Paas, Francesco Accatino, Federico Antonioli, Franziska Appel, Isabel Bardají, Robert Berry, Daniele Bertolozzi, Jo Bijttebier, Jasmine Black, Yannick Buitenhuis, Isabeau Coopmans, Paul Courtney, Peter Feindt, Camelia Gavrilescu, Helena Hansson, Błażej Jendrzejewski , Amr
Khafagy, Vitaliy Krupin, Carl-Johan Lagerkvist, Sara Larson, Eewoud Lievens, Erik Mathijs, Gordana Manevska-Tasevska, Damian Maye, Franziska Ollendorf, Mariya Peneva, Andrea Pettit, Corentin Pinsard, Jens Rommel, Saverio Senni, Simone Severini, Thomas Slijper, Bárbara Soriano, Julie Urquhart, Stela Valchovska, Mauro Vigani, Erwin Wauters, Katarzyna Zawalińska, Miranda Meuwissen

Correponding author: Pytrik Reidsma(