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New deliverable on generational renewal in EU agricultural sector

The European agricultural sector is undergoing demographic changes, whereby the average age of farmers and average size of farms are simultaneously increasing while the number of young farmers is decreasing.

SURE-FArm presents a tool to analyze the linkages between farm generational renewal and structural change of European farming regions.  The Agricultural Policy Simulator (AgriPoliS), an agent-based model, has been selected to simulate generational renewal. The model is calibrated to the Altmark, a heterogenous farming region in Germany with both family and corporate farms.

Such a tool will support policy makers in their goal to enhance the resilience of European farming systems.

Click here to read the full report: Formulation and adaptation of an Agent-Based Model to simulate generational renewal

The report has been led by IAMO (

Authors: Christine Pitson, Franziska Appel, Changxing Dong, Alfons Balmann

Correponding author: Christine Pitson (