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New deliverable on farmers’ learning capacity and networks of influence

Learning is considered an important component for resilience building in socio-ecological systems, not least because resilience is about dealing with, adapting to and responding to change. Thus, knowledge constantly needs revision and approaches to management require adapting to changing circumstances. This deliverable examines the role that learning plays across the resilience capacities. Through 11 farming system case studies across Europe, this work aims at identifying farmer attributes that enable or constrain learning, understanding the networks of influencers on farmer decision-making, identifying the external factors that enable or constrain learning and at assessing European farmers’ learning capacity in the context of the resilience capacities of robustness, adaptability and transformability.

Click here to read the full report: D2.3. Report on farmers’ learning capacity and networks of influence in11 European case studies

Authors: Julie URQUHART, Francesco ACCATINO, Franziska APPEL, Federico ANTONOILI, Rob BERRY, Daniele BERTOLOZZI, Jo BIJTTEBIER, Jasmine BLACK, Valentin-Mihai BOHATEREȚ, Ioan-Sebastian BRUMĂ, Isabeau COOPMANS, Paul COURTNEY, Hendrik DASKIEWICZ, Corina DINCULESCU, Codrin DINU-VASILIU, Krisztina-Melinda DOBAY, Camelia GAVRILESCU, Piotr GRADZIUK, Florian HEINRICH, Anca-Marina IZVORANU, Sara JOHANSSON, Konstantin KLEIN, Daniela MATEI, Damian MAYE, Mariya PENEVA, Andrea PETIT, Christine PITSON, Simone SEVERINI, Thomas SLIJPER, Barbara SORIANO, Lucian TANASĂ, Camelia TOMA, Monica-MihaelaTUDOR, Mauro VIGANI, Katarzyna ZAWALINKSKA

Correponding author: Julie URQUHART (