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New deliverable on adaptive behaviour of farmers

New deliverable on analysis of biographical narratives exploring short- and long-term adaptive behaviour of farmers under various challenges  is avalible on the website.

This report assesses personal histories of family farms, and business histories of corporate farms, to identify phases in the separate production, demographic and policy adaptive cycles as they have impacted on the individuals concerned and their business enterprises.  Analysis of narratives can be used to gain indepth understanding of the rationale surrounding farmer decision making when faced with drivers of change, and how farmers manage critical decision points in their farming businesses. Biographical stories were collected from nine to ten narrators in each of five case studies chosen to represent a range of regions and farming systems in Europe.

The report has been led by Aberystwyth University ( with the collaboration of ILVO (, SLU (, Unitus ( and UNWE (

Authors: Isabeau Coopmans, Mariana Draganova, Sue Fowler,  Gordana Manevska-Tasevska,  Peter Midmore, Plamen Mishev,  Pip Nicholas-Davis, Andrea Petitt, Charlotte Prové and Saverio Senni.

Corresponding author: Pip Nicholas-Davis.

Click here to read the report

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