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Eurochoices special issue on farming systems’ resilience

We are happy to announce that the new special issue on European Farming Systems’ resilience is already published!

You can find multiple suggestions to enhance resilience:

1.- The Struggle of Farming Systems in Europe: Looking for Explanations through the Lens of Resilience

Miranda P.M. Meuwissen, Peter H. Feindt, Peter Midmore, Erwin Wauters, Robert Finger, Franziska Appel, Alisa Spiegel, Erik Mathijs, Katrien J.A.M. Termeer, Alfons Balmann, Yann de Mey, Pytrik Reidsma

2.- Telling Stories – Farmers Offer New Insights into Farming Resilience

Phillipa Nicholas‐Davies, Susan Fowler, Peter Midmore

3.-How do Stakeholders Perceive the Sustainability and Resilience of EU Farming Systems?

Pytrik Reidsma, Miranda Meuwissen, Francesco Accatino, Franziska Appel, Isabel Bardaji, Isabeau Coopmans, Camelia Gavrilescu, Florian Heinrich, Vitaliy Krupin, Gordana Manevska‐Tasevska, Mariya Peneva, Jens Rommel, Simone Severini, Bárbara Soriano, Julie Urquhart, Katarzyna Zawalińska, Wim Paas

4.-Resilience, Labour and Migration Trends in the EU‐27

Thomas Slijper

5.-Policy directions to support generational renewal in European farming systems

Isabeau Coopmans, Joost Dessein, Francesco Accatino, Federico Antonioli, Camelia Gavrilescu, Piotr Gradziuk, Gordana Manevska‐Tasevska, Miranda Meuwissen, Mariya Peneva, Bárbara Soriano, Julie Urquhart, Erwin Wauters

6.-How Much Farm Succession is Needed to Ensure Resilience of Farming Systems?

Christine Pitson, Jo Bijttebier, Franziska Appel, Alfons Balmann

7.-Risk Management and its Role in Enhancing Perceived Resilience Capacities of Farms and Farming Systems in Europe

Alisa Spiegel, Bárbara Soriano, Yann de Mey, Thomas Slijper, Julie Urquhart, Isabel Bardají, Mauro Vigani, Simone Severini, Miranda Meuwissen

8.-Insuring Weather Risks in European Agriculture

Willemijn Vroege, Robert Finger

9.-Improving the Resilience‐enabling Capacity of the Common Agricultural Policy: Policy Recommendations for More Resilient EU Farming Systems

Yannick Buitenhuis, Jeroen Candel, Peter H. Feindt, Katrien Termeer, Erik Mathijs, Isabel Bardají, Jasmine Black, Anna Martikainen, Mertijn Moeyersons, Alessandro Sorrentino

10.-Making Farming Systems Truly Resilient

Erik Mathijs, Erwin Wauters