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New policy brief on CAP post 2020 recommentations

Do you want to know how the CAP post 2020 should be to enhance the resilience of EU farming systems? Have a look at the new SURE-Farm policy brief .

The CAP post 2020 needs to change significantly to better support the different mixes of three resilience capacities of the different farming systems in Europe: Robustness, adaptability and transformability.

  • Support robustness by enhancing the capacity to anticipate shocks and stresses, to cope and to respond.
  • Support adaptability by providing direction, in particular through the remuneration of public goods, by increasing flexibility and variability through reducing red tape, and by closing the gap between reflection/innovation and practice.
  • Support transformability by the formulation of a coordinated long-term vision, by support for deep learning, and by reflexive modes of governing that influence people’s assumptions about the future, their self-perceptions and identities.

Click here and read the policy brief

Have a look at the GIF and find the key recommendations for the CAP post 2020